home/family life

Dear God,
Thank you for making my children fountains of life
and to those who encounter them. ( Especially me! )

Just the other morning I caught myself looking
at my children just for the pure pleasure of it.
-Phyllis Theroux

This Mosaic of life experiences.
We arent the perfect parents, we don't have a wonderful marriage.
We have issues with expectations, communications and we need encouragement still
as this season of parenting is still in the early stages.
This blog, may make us look all sunshiney and perfect, we are far from that.
We fight, we make up, and fight again about the same issues and new ones.
We yell at our children sometimes, we apologize, and do it again.
We've been known to feed the kids chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, and sometimes we forget to brush their teeth.
I burn dinner at least 12 times a month.
We try.
We cry.
We get down low.
We get up and brush it all off.
Start over.
And we are continually thankful for the sunrise each morning and the chance to do it all over again.
I am thankful for Maive's baby hoppy run, and her contagious baby mischeivious infectious giggle, and the way she combines the two while I chase her ( always ) and she's happily running away and turning to see where I am, giggling.
I am thankful for my kind hearted Aiva, always looking out for her sister and brother, lending a helping hand, tender hug.
I am thankful for Aidan, my snuggle buddy. You're so boney but you are perfect to snuggle with in the mornings. I love all the silly things you are doing this summer, especially; " I AM DRAGON.. RAWR!!!"
Thankful for my husband, for loving me even though I am a rebel and stubbornly stick my heels in. My accountability, my arms that hold me tight through dark clouds. I am so glad we all have each other to get through this chaotic at times life in pursuit of heaven.
Dear God,
Help me appreciate every season of mothering with new eyes that see life from the fresh perspective of my child.