pictureless post!

HI friends!

it has been a muggy week, not too much sleep going on for me as of late!
But oh what fun we've had, and i havent been taking pictures, I've been giving myself a break!
what? you ask.. yeah, everyone needs a little vaca from some things in life so me, i put my camera up on the
shelf and just relish in, oh maive's doing something cute, or sir-curls-alot has chocolate ice cream all over his chin,
guess we'll have to call him captain-curls-alot, ARG.. nope
i've been resisting the urge to grab and snap!
giving the old rebel a little siesta so she can work her some love and magic on saturday
when our friend Shawn and maria will be walking down that isle known as Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Leonard!
and my friend Theresa will be accompanying me on the trip, partner in crime photog!
SO excited we're going to have a blast!
I'm thinking, there will be 2 or three posts.. outtakes, goofyness.. you get the picture, and of course the gorgeous & handsome bride and groom!
So yes, some things I want to write down, about a quarter of them I already forgot!
< knock-knock> COME ON BRAIN!
1.) Maive you are so darn cute when you and Aidan play cars; Aidan is "VRUUUM, VROOOMING away, and then they're you are,
swinging your little arm to and fro saying "shooooz shooooz" I love it.
2.) Aiva has been asking alot of questions about GOD, Heaven, Jesus, praying and everything beyond.
It amazes me and I love it, however she is so young that I struggle a tad with explaing things in a simple form in which her little
loving heart can grasp.. I always end up pulling through, and she is
satisfied, dimpled and hugs me with a smile!

3.) Maivey says "Tank you, biss you { bless you} here you go and just so much more, she's just been exploding with words!
i love her little voice, atleast when she is not on the warpath screaming redheaded banshee.. She is getting really good at singing her favorite song.
It has gone from tweego tweego, to "tweeenkle tweeeenkle, wittle, dar" OH I LOVE IT!

4.) Aidan too, has been expressing himself and finding words with ease. I think I can finally say to you that his speech is really starting to "flow"?
He even starting singing " OH mr sun, sun, mr golden sun.. please shine down on me" the other day, and I was astounded because back in the summer '06
( he was nearly a year) until spring 07 Aiva and I were always singing this.
And we really havent... so when he started singing it out of the blue, it made me grin so big.
There he was sitting on the sidewalk swiping the chalk in his little Aidan world and busted out in song. Aiva of coursed recognized the
song and joined in responding with, "remember when we used to sing that mama?"
Why did we stop? I dont know.. I was wondering why too.. so now we are again.
well, i think it's all I am going to write now, gotta go do some reading and hopefully accomplish one chapter without falling asleep!
I love you, even if I dont know you, i want you to feel some love, so i'm sending some warm thoughts in internet energy love.
Rock what the good Lord gave you,
Julie G


MissGreenTea said...

Thank you for putting a smile on face today :)

MissGreenTea said...

Thank you for putting a smile on my face with your positive words! :) Happy Friday~

carmen said...

Your blog looks great. I loved your pictureless post. It's fun reading about all the words Maive is using... and my Little Liam is singing to me right now at this exact moment. He just walked up and started singing - I can't understand a word of it, but it is definitely musical! I'm guessing that he and Maive are close to the same age - He just turned 2 on July 17. I love reading your blog!