Aidan graduated!

it's 10am, it's my birthday...
I woke up to Aidan's face 2 inches from mine.
His eyes wide and smiling, the bedroom was so bright with sunshine it actually gave me a insta-headache, but I still appreciated it. We snuggled, snuck downstairs, he bathed.. the girls slept in.
Aiva came down and told me she wanted to make me breakfast.
"You stay here.."
SO I did, wondering what she could possibly make, knowing she cant reach the cereal boxes, or touch the stove.
She came in with my favorite coffee mug, filled with water.
and someone had sneakily stashed OREO cookies..
She is my kind of woman!
Yes, it's my birthday, and I have ate 18 Oreo cookies this morning! I dont care, I'm already bloated...
It's going to be a beauty, we're going to leave and go pick flowers up in the field, and come home and arrange some bouquet throughout the house.
I think since it's my birthday, I might take advantage and by some balloons ( for the kids ) and stuff, and take some fun pictures of my most precious gifts later on!
who knows.. im happy, im healthy, roseeeetta has not made her appearance yet. LIFE IS GOOD!
Aidan keeps talking of his teachers, and school, but ive managed to keep on hugging him and snuggling him and picking him when he asks.. HE LOVES THEM SO MUCH!
He is not sad today, but, when cars go by he will randomly ask; "Is that _______'s car <----insert one of the 5 teacher's names there! 'o)
here are some photos, they're undedited and straight out of the camera I hope you dont mind!
Aidan Graduated from First Friends Preschool, Horace Mann Elementary in Binghamton on Thursday June 18th!
These ladies were all such a blessing in our lives.
I really didnt like the idea when Aidan had to go to the program a year ago, I just felt like a failure, i didnt know what to expect and I was just an overprotective mother.
The teachers were beyond what I hoped and *prayed* for. They love Aidan, they're like his other mom's. We're going to miss them.. we already do! Best wishes to all of you, and we do hope you keep in touch!! 'o)
Love, Shawn & Julie, Aiva, Aidan and even Scoots!


~City Love... now, forever, always~ said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Julie, Happy Birthday to youuuuuu!!!! And many more...

And Congrats to big boy Aidan!!!!!

carmen said...

Happy Birthday, Julie - I'm glad you're having a good day! I love the pix of your little Aidan - he is sooooo cute - I love it!! My ten year old had hair like that when he was little - those pictures remind me of him when he was in Little Montessori!! He had great teachers, too, that he just loved!!

Tricia Nugen said...

I found your blog through shabby chic blog and your Aiden and my Max have the same hair. I don't know about your curly headed one but I can't cut my son's hair off, It's totally his personality! Too cute. Great photos!