Except the humming of the computer tower thing (( is that what it's called? ))
I've been pretty bummed out, for almost like 2 weeks now.
But, I wont talk of that.
The Gendron five have been ridiculously busy. Uninvited business.
It's JUNE 1st! What? Already!?!? June, my friends, is my *faaaaaaaaaavorite* month, so many reasons, i wont list but obviously, you can think of some reasons.
It's also another wow, what because hello? we are half way through the year! I cannot believe this, nearly 6 months ago we celebrated Maivey turning ONE, and in a another 6, She'll be.. dun dun dun...... TWWWWOOOOO...
I like to think we live simply, we dont over crowd the schedules, we do not pile alot on our plates. I am the type who although hospitable, i do not like to entertain. I am quiet, and it makes my brain hurt trying to think of interesting things to say, or feel pressured to be bright eyed and all interested & smiles.
Lately, I havent been able to be so hermit-ish.. it's so uncomforatble and wearing me thin ( which is a good thing ) GOOD bye big butt, and gut!
Today was a long deep breathe.
I woke up to my hubby next to me and the brightish sunshine exploding in through our curtains announcing in operatic drama " WAKE UP, you are wasting time and I do want to spend time with you all!" I do think the sun likes my children's laugh.
-I'm joking-
Aidan came teeterin in. Snuggled with me and asked if he could go to school. He was so excited when we answered yes, It's monday! how lucky am i to have a 3 year old that is enthusiastic about life first thing in the morning. AND, he tells me he loves me.
I LOVE Yoooouuu { yes the you is elongated } Not just: " I love you Aidan! " and he answers: " yyyooouu! " * for those of you who don't know * Aidan has had a speech delay, and its just great to hear all these sentences forming. OH, he tells me he loves me all day long, I LOVE IT. We are all becoming quite the mushy family! OH! AND, Shawn & I are no longer addressed as mommy & daddy. We are just mom & dad now.
But yeah, today we stayed home, mowed the lawn and just played. It was to lay in the freshly cut grass, no gnats bothering us. wrestling, tickling the kids. staring up into the canopy of the large tree next to our house. Shawn went into use the bathroom and the girls and I were sitting there enjoying a juice break, and something fell out of the tree, or atleast that's what i thought, but nope, it was a little sparrow, just sat there no more than 2 ft away from us, checked us over for about 10 long seconds and when Aiva moved, flew away.
Maive's been bringing me book after book, she makes herself comfy on me { Julie, the body pillow } hands behind her head, ankle crossing over ankle enjoying a book 3-4 times over being read to her. Ever now and then she'll sit up and say, "zat? zat?" * remember Aiva when she woulds say " Waaazz zat?" all the time.. Maive's version is sooo short!
Speaking of Aiva, today her funny was when I skinned my knee ( don't ask ) Aiva kept asking if me if she could get me the "dandy oink ment".. now today was a Imitrex day, so it took me a few times of her repeating that to me until I realized she meant the A&D ointment. haha.. love it! other things she says:
* FREEEEJERRRATOR * = refridgerator
* Frrrraaaamote* = remote control
* Frrrraaamillla bar = granoloa bar
Tonight we didnt read a book to the kids, but instead we decided to just make something up. The kids decided they wanted something about a barn. So Shawn began telling a short story about a humongous barn that was too big for the animals, it made them scared.. so this is what they did, and he pushed the kids beds together and they laughed because daddy was being obnoxiously silly, noises and all. There was more, and during the story Aidan made monkey noises and decided he was " Aidan cow " I loved how his little lips looked in the dim light from the hallway with the "uuuuuu" "O" mouth. At the end of the story Aiva grabbed shawn's face, each hand on each cheek and raised herself off the pillow and kissed Shawn with a " I Looove that story daddy," all enthusiastically sweet! I love how genuine my children are. Aidan turned to me with his bashful, yet "where's my kiss mommy," flare in his eye. I realize typing this, that was kind of like the movie Bedtime Stories. We watched that about 3 weeks ago, and we liked it. It's hard for me to watch or like movies, But I totally digged this one!
I know I have not been blogging alot, and they're is so much I'd love to share with you, but I've been bad about writing stuff down, I appreciated this simple day so much, and wanted to share with you, the moments that keep my heart beating.
June is a crazy month. Both Shawn's brothers and his mom have birthdays in the next 12 days.. Aiva's dance recital, Aidan's graduation.. aww {tear}, our little trip to Lake Placid. My birthday, and so much more. I hope you are all well and good, I've been hearing alot that some of "the reads" I write, make your hearts happy! and I am so grateful to hear that. I have no idea that my little life, along with the four other ones under this roof can do that. Spread the sunshine & the love. UUUU, writing that, reminded me of a song I think you will like, if you atleast read to this line check out this song by Jessica Andrews. It's and oldie but goodie!
Smile, be blessed, and ROCK what the good Lord gave ya!
Last week we were all a little under the weather. Sunshine & love, and the kindness that Aiva show's towards us even when she's feeling icky, makes our worlds a better place!
Aidan has been talking up a storm lately. I really need to invest in a tape recorder, the things my boy comes out with are hilarious. You know he's talking alot when I have to ask the kids for some quiet time in their rooms so I can get a break from all the competing conversations. and the fact that I'm correcting him, " MOM, I can't find green shoes, Aidans." he means, " I cant fine my ( Aidan ) green sneakers, mom." Which is awesome since about 10 months ago, he wouldnt talk but just sit on the floor and whine and I had to play the exhausting guessing game.
Maive Alisabeth decided she likes my chicken on the grill, and more so.. CORN ON THE COBB! YUUUUUUM--MEEEEE!
And she likes her baby friend that greets her from Daddy's bumper. She keeps finding her reflection all the time now, and has very excited conversations with herself, un beknownst to her. I have a pic of her even trying to hug her reflection, I'll have to share it with you another time! GOOD night sweet peeps!

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Phil and Na said...

HI, Julie!! It's me, Naomi! I'm so diggin' these photos!!
Sorry that you are going through some pain & "stuff"! I gots "stuff" too & it's not too fun. In fact, it all around stinks!!! :holding up my kool-aid glass at stinkin' midnight!: Here's hoping things are looking up for you and if you need to blow steam at someone that does not live under your roof - feel free to shout my way! Have yourself a beautiful day!! :*D