Keeper of the CaterYpillars

My Aiva.
You know those tent worms..
she loves those, and they are abundant this season. she roams around our yard and collects them...ALL... She worries that Aidan will step on one, a bird will eat one, or Maive, loves as well to pick them up and carry them around with her. She just holds on a little tooo tight.. gross.. I KNOW!
I'm all, "What is that in her hand?"
She smushes bugs with rocks, and even has reached for a spider, to my horrific scream she thankfully paused like a statue... for once.
Aiva has been a delightful help to me lately and I havent even asked her to be.
She just cares for her brother and sister when needed, picks up after herself and the other two, she shares her food, drink and other things when asked, and when not asked.
She is just soo very sweet. nurturing. genuine. merciful. and bright eyed.
I've been struggling with sinus issues, monthly issues, a pulled muscle in my neck and shoulder issues, and other ones as well. There are moments during the day, i just stop moving, retrieve to the couch and just lay down. It's quiet, and then i hear her pant legs coming toward me, whip whip whip.. she turns the corner entering the room with an extra bed comforter, heaves it up on the couch, and carefully and lovingly makes sure I am burritoed in. She kisses my forehead, my cheek and with her face very close to mine whispers; " You feel better okay mama, is there anything else I can get for you?" as she is patting my shoulder. "Can you Shnuggle with me?" I ask.. "sure mom, that sounds perfect" she replies.
she deals with Maive pulling her hair, with Aidan sometimes destroying her set up in the doll house. her freshly made bed { her daddy taught her well }
She patiently waits her turn, uses manners that would put Diana Barry to shame.

Sometimes such as in these pictures
We get to have an afternoon adventure together as the red's sleep. This isnt very often, and I think that's why when we get this time together it is all the more special.
Aiva Sophia has a very blessed imagination. She tells the most interesting and detailed stories that just flow and really get me back to my childhood. Aiva is alot like me in this since, and while we are making memories in this, and I'm being delightfully entertained through this, it's so cool to get taken back in time, and play with my daughter, doing the same things I did as a little girl. Sometimes it feels like we're sisters, or I'm not mommy, but a dear true friend. I love how she comes up and grabs my hand, turns and takes me along on an adventure.
off we go, weaving through jungles of sweet flowers, in search of lady bugs in peril, butterflies to giggle and dance with, we havent had a search party for fairies yet. She is one, so why search?
Aiva not only is my first born and our daughter, but she is my best friend, my little helper.. I find comfort in her small arms, inspiration in her tender gentle kisses on the cheek. She fills my cup up, and brings so much delight, color, and adventure to my life.
I adore my almost 5 year old. I'm sad she's almost 5 and although I know where all the time went.. I am just sad that it is so fleeting! Tonight Aiva has her dance rehearsal. I will be sure to take pictures, the recital is Sunday, and there are no cameras, camcorders allowed fuuuuweee! Aiva is so excited for this, I'll be sure to get photos so check back! Much love to you and yours, thank you kindly for reading.


Shellbelle said...

What a delightful blog you have. I found you via Shabby Blogs and am so happy I did! This is a wonderful way to share with family and friends and keep them up to date on your beautiful girls.

~City Love... now, forever, always~ said...

Great pictures, and an even better story/blog :o)

I soooo want to get my girls some tutus and wings to wear out to play for some pictures!

Beautiful, like always...

carmen said...

I love your beautiful pix and your beautiful story! The photographs are the best, and how cute are you??!! My only girl will turn 16 on Friday. (tear, sigh!) The time IS fleeting. Enjoy every minute!!

Jami said...

Beautiful blog!

Caity said...

I loved that post. Beautiful. And the pictures make me feel like I'm in a fairy-land.

Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

Oh, Julie! This is one of the best posts I have read in a long time. I love your world. :)

Anonymous said...

Julie these pictures are AWESOME! I love this idea. Great job!

The Tattered Cottage said...

Your family is beautiful as are your pictures! I love all the pics!! The ones of your oldest with her fairy wings and the two of you together, precious. The time does fly by toooo quickly, but you are capturing every moment and how blessed your children are that they will have these memories :)