You might as well face it you're addicted to love..

no clue who sings this.
it's an oldie and came across the air waves while we rocked our way home from "shnurbush park" seriously.. that's the name of our local park.
Shawn got out early today, and after he showered we got take out and hit up the park.
So fun.
check it out:

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My birthday is this month and this home of mine in which we've lived STILL has barenaked walls..all white and if i have to go another day-month-week in this twilight zone I just might start craaaaaaaaaackiiiiingg!
Decisions Decisions Decisions... que sera!
I have no idea what images i should order..
there are sooo very many in I love..
Moe, Curly & Larry!
Maive carries "doggie" around every now, its her new fav. "Dawwwwwgggiee" { and yes Maive elongates everything she says, and in an awwe sort of way} is a bubble blower, minus the bubble liquid.. yeah that'd be messy! We've gotta get this girl a dog, she freaks whenever any one walks by, and hugs every dog she see's no matter what size!
Uuuuuuuuu... buuubbbblles....
" You're gonna have to face it you're addicited to love!"
Also, tonight is Scoots first night sleeping with Aiva and Aidan in their room. We only have a two bedroom home and it was time for Maive to move in. So far so good, she cried a bout 10 minutes but after reassurance, and a "ba-ba" she was out for the count! Now, if I could just get my husband to stop sprawling out and pushing me off the bed, or more importantly to stop SNOOORING, life would be a sweet dream!
Oh, and my hooty owl is out on the hill, "who who whoooooing"... I love it!
Home Depot called today, and our fence is being delivered Monday! HOOOOT! 'o)
delightfully overtired,
Julie G


~City Love... now, forever, always~ said...

Is that the park down in Conklin??? We used to go every Wednesday last summer!!! Wednesday is sub day at Reliable Deli, 3.99 subs, and they are soooo good, we would go every week for subs and then picnic at the park :o)

carmen said...

I love your pictures. Your kids are so adorable - love the curly locks! SO CUTE! I wanted to say it was Peter Gabriel who sang that song, but now that I am picturing the guy in my head, I don't think that's who it is. I can't remember his name. You're much younger than I am, but I was in high school when that song was popular - the
80's - so, yeah. I was sad to hear you call it an oldie - however, I must be an oldie if I can't remember who sang it!! ;o)

MamáChanga said...

Hmmm...Robert Palmer, since it's an oldie (song from the 80's) I totally remember it! Thanks for sharing the link for the canvases..I'm off to see it!

Can't blame you for having such a tough choice, your shots are wonderful and your babies are SUPER cute!!

Hugs & Blessings!

Aleta said...

LOVE that first shot! It looks like she just made a wish!