Shawn & Maria: Future Mr. & Mrs. Leonard

Our friends, Shawn and Maria drove down from Ithaca to spend some time with us on Sunday.
I met Shawn ten years ago as we went to Dryden High together he was a senior and I was a freshman. He was a very kind and a great friend when I was going through one of the hardest times I've experience in my life so far! He graduated 1999 and was off to Germany. I lost track of him but every now and then have kept him in my prayers. Then, January 1st of this year I received a phone call around noon and it was him, telling me that he was getting married!
Most of you who know me, know that yes, I squealed.. ALOT!!
I probably blew out poor Shawn's ear drum!
I am so excited for them, I'm happy giddy and as I type this my knee is bouncing!!!
They are getting married Aug. 1st of this year and I am so very happy to tell you, they picked MEEEE!! to document their day photographically speaking!
I cannot wait for this!
Maria is going to be so gorgeous and thinking of her on her wedding day I am already getting teary eyed! Weddings are so very special, oh jeez the waterworks!

I am back and dry!

Shawn just got baptized this morning, we were supposed to go, however I woke up with a nasty nasty migraine! GOOD news: I have been getting less of them ( YES! ) bad news: when I get them, they are so painful, puking and I have to take two Imitrex before the pain resides. I am so bummed we missed the baptism this morning but, I was there in thought and prayers and I promise you two, we'll make it up to ya! Aiva misses Maria and Shawn and keeps asking when they will be coming back to visit! She is quite taken! Maria is so very sweet, sensitive, and soft spoken! But, get this, she totally rocks the highest heels, and SHE DRIVES A MOTORCYCLE! HOT!!! I KNOW!!!
Ok, this was not a session, I am still working on convincing them to let me do a shoot for them pre-wedding, so I can make them a photo guestbook. Both of them are extremely shy of the camera and I will have to remedy this w/o being to pushy.. we all know Julie G is not pushy! 'o)
Enjoy and come back to visit 30 images on Aug. 4 from Shawn & Maria's wedding day!
Much Love, delight and appreciation,
Julie G

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