better half my....

A few days ago i slammed my husband when I saw this commercial and had to have him come in, I stood there in the living room rewinding with my little smirk on my face. YOu see, Shawn is a control freak. I love my control freak, but sometimes his control issues make him look silly! I totally connected with this ad.. he had his side smirk going on when the ad ended, and then gave me his " I dissaprove " eyebrows!

Last night, we watched the tellie for a bit, and saw this ad.
yeah Shawn laughed and laughed and watched it AGAIN!
how pathetic are we?
He totally dubbed this "soo julie.."
psshhh whatever, like 5 years ago!

haha! well, shawn has off tomorrow. LORD, help me love my husband better!


Queenie said...

Morning Julie just watched the ads and sitting here giggling after reading your post "men"!!!!hah.
Have a lovely weekend
Oh loving the tshirt!!!

Caity said...

Haha, I wish my husband liked to do some of that stuff! He's the WORST griller ever. I'm like, "Aren't all men supposed to be good at this!?! Darn!"

Anyways...I read your comment and I can tell you whatever you like. I could probably write a whole novel on why I love Megan :) My e-mail is caitylady@gmail.com if you want me to e-mail you some stuff.

Thanks for following me! That was nice of you :)

Caity said...

Oh, I'm your new follower, I'm not sure why it comes up like that instead of my blog.

Linda S said...

You have a beautiful blog. I liked it here, and I will come back :)

jen said...

these two commercials are hilarious!!!