Ugg... not the boot ugg, but the 4am i've been up caveman ugg!

So much for a full night of sleep!
Shawn has night's where he dreams hardcore.More so when he watches action movies. It's worse when he watches them, its like every other night he is kicking and talking in his sleep!
Tonight however, I got punched in the back while he was in one of his "battles".
And I've been up since 2am.
The last two nights have been rainy, movie nights. Thur. we watched Bedtime Stories and surprisingly I liked it. I cant sit still long enough to enjoy a movie. I feel like i shouldnt be sitting idle, that there are things to be done. Last night we watched BOLT and I was amused by baby Maive doing laps in the livingroom with her tiny voice repeating "dog-geee dogeeee daaawwgeee" over and over..
I miss Montanta.
I miss how Aiva used to not say her "L's"
She would say, " I yove you mommy."
"Where is my Peeeeyoh?" *pillow*
Oh, i just went to teenckle and when I sat down, next to my foot was a big black spider, yeah, i did one of those, split second seizure spazz body jerks into paralyzing instant fear. totally doing my business with my legs straight out in front of me as so the spider wont get my foot. I wont even begin to tell you how i dealt with mr legs! It envolves gooing him with shampoo so it can't run... i can neve wack them, i never hit them with the broom, they're too fast, and when they run it totally makes me freak... i have to goo them.. I tell myself, you are a creation of GOD, a spider who eats bugs, you have a purpose, you are not evil, then they start running and I'm all " ahhhhh die! "

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