PheMOMinal part 3.

MY fellow MOM*tog and I got together a few days ago!
See her in action!

3 Sundays ago while i was out photographying a family up North a guy ( JOE ) stopped by and introduced himself to Shawn and invited us up to their house the following sunday.
Well, We made friends with two families that day in which, we all have three children, who are all around the same age and will be going to school together! How lucky we are to be able to have lifelong friends to grow up with! They are all so sweet and we've been getting together every sunday afternoon, us parents, both moms and dads keep saying " Our kids play really good together! " I am so greatful and don't feel so lonely out here in the country! We all live within 2 miles of each other!! Deanna and Kristy both said, that they've wanted to stop when they'd drive by and see me out with my kids, especially when we were all pregnant, my reply was of course " UH YEAH! YOU SHOULD HAVE! " They are so awesome and chill, and just fun to be around, I love that we're all going through the same stuff, and are pretty much on the same page! I love the country I am so excited about summer! Thanks for finally introducing yourselves!

Shane, Aiva, Hannah are 4 and 5
Emmie, Aidan and Jimmy are 3
Lilly, Maverick, will be 1 in July, and Maive 16 months!

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