Does anyone else have a hard time saying rural.
I discovered today that I do.
I suppose I do things a in differently than other people would. Photography wise.
I love my 09' Toyota Corolla. We have a 92 Corolla that I bet will outlast that pink duracel bunny.. Goldie just keeps going and going and going..
I love my 09'ner also because it's white, and reflects light amazingly, i love when the kids are near it while drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. They look up at me and their eyes are soo very bright!
I took these shots I wanted to put on my webpage on the hood of yota and I like how they came out!
RURAL.RUSTIC.REDNECK. Ghetto fabulous? { Thanks Jasmine Star }
I then upload, do a little fixin' in Adobe Lightroom 2 and Corel Paint Shop Pro XI.
Vwala.. Im a strange bird, it's been said too many times. But, I get a kick out of these.
* straight out of the camera *
then adobe lightroom 2 and Corel Paint Shop Pro XI
please dont look at my yucky fingers, mostly i ask ( as your prob clicking the image ) because I do the dishes nearly 3 times a day, scrub alot of things down, destickify the home on a daily basis. I can never keep "pwiddy fingews".
haha, i just finally realized you can see my reflection!

i sat the peter pan reel on the handle..

I was going to do some side by side before & after shots. But I'm a tired mommy, who is up way past her bed time.
The viewmaster thing..
I love them.
I am going to do a referral program, where if a client refers three more clients to me, booked and photographed, they'll recieve a viewmaster, in the color of their choice { and they're are many many colors to choose from } as well as their name, or family name on the front. aaaand reels of all the processed images! Photographers if you want to know more shoot me an email!
This post is probably useless and nobody read to this line. but it's just another thing i like to dream, do, and share..


Laci said...

The viewmaster idea is great! it would make me refer more people :)

Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

Totally and completely BRILLIANT. Love love love.