Happy 101th!

FOR REAL? 100 Posts! WOW, even if it read like 50, i would be all.. no way..
HUH, WELL, I WOULD go through and view for myself that I've indeed posted 100 times, but I'm to lazy & tired too. Actually, I'm coming down with the spring cold..
Since this is my 101th post, i will weave in & out of these pretty photos some of my favorite times in the past 4 years that I don't believe I've blogged about.

background on these pics:
Aiva had a cold, and Aidan needed a nap and both slept 3 hrs. Maive however is getting her last molar in, and also was beginning to get the cold Aiva passed on to her. She didnt nap, instead she cried, cranked it up and I was failing at consoling her.
We walked, and rocked outside, nothing worked. Until i crossed the road and found a patch of yellow flowers and "pooofy heads" dandelions. Made for some pretty pics, but my favorite is "playing" with them on Corel.

She does have dried cupcake icing on her upper lip, but it was crusted on her, and she was so miserable that to wipe it off would be torture, so I left it.

When I was pregnant with Maive, Aiva was such a beautiful mini mama. She was and still does help, is so genuinely caring & loving. We would snuggle together, her head up against my belly listening, being careful not to smush her baby sis. We named her baby ellie, because she thought the baby was making elephant noises. I was just hungry.. as usual. She started reading to her brother too, she knows alot of books by heart, without reading the words, she knew when to turn the page and did all the sounds and noises, aidan loved it, and so did I. She had to do this when I was sick, and watched from the relection in the door window from the bathroom. Although in pain, it made me soo appreciate her, love her and pray for her, my cupeth overflowed some more!

I miss when we brought our first born home { Aiva } and that new mommyness. new baby smell. everything is new. how soft the carpet was in her room. My favorite was at the old house. All is quiet and I'm rocking Aiva to sleep, so tiny and fragile, all tucked in my neck, cocooned to me. Oh her sweet sleep baby sighs. They were exhales, but the sound they made were full, contented tiny baby girl sighs. So lovely, they used to lull me to sleep and I remembered never wanting to forget that!

Late nights with Aidan, he was a talker right from the get go, ironic i know. But as a newborn on until 1 year, this little guy, just ooooed and ahhhed and bluebewwwbfffped all hours of the night. He was always bright eyed and eager for me to feed him and sing to him. I loved how little Aiva ( who was Maive's size now ) cared for him even then. A baby herself. A baby mama!

This winter we bundled everyone up the first week of December. Owego, NY started holding a yearly festival. Carolers singing, lights, beautiful shops, cocoa, horse drawn wagons. It was so freezing, maive was bundled in a suit that was too small, but somehow i managed to stuff her in it. She was comfy to carry in that, and easy to hold on to. I remember her rosy cheeks and blue eyes taking everything. We walked behind Shawn, Aiva & Aidan. Each child holding to Shawn's gloved hands, Aidan with his Eskimo hood on, big coat, little legs and boots, looking totally unporportional. AIdan would announce "RAACE!" with that he began running those little legs in baby steps, hood bobbing up and down, dragging daddy and Aiva along. It was hilarious! Later that night everyone gathered in the center facing the bridge as the let off the most beautiful fireworks...
It was soo cold that night, no breeze. I honestly cant tell you any other time I think I've seen such beautiful fireworks. We sat on the curb looking straight up ( nearly ) over our heads. I found myself staring along with everyone else, jaw dropped, throat getting soar.. the repeated this one type of firework for over two minutes probably that were white to golden.. it spread it's arms out and it was just soo huge, then these beautiful sparkly like pixie dusts would just slowly sprinkle to the ground. It seemed slow motion. I looked over at Aiva, her eyes huge, motionless, jaw dropped. I smiled and could see the tiny relections of the sparkly fireworks in the gloss of her eye. I leaned over and nudged her, she looked and smiled at me and said with a whisper. "Mommy, I think tinkerbell is up there..."
I teared!

I have so much more to add, but you're tired of reading, and I coming down with the girl's spring cold. So off to bed I go. I wont blog for a while probably, but when I do, i hope to share a little more and post some more pretty pics!

Aiva had a much better day today.
Tomorrow no more boogers girls, okay?


Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

Goodness, Julie! Your children will be so grateful for posts like these. Congratulations on 100 entries! You are awesome!

beth said...

your pictures are beautiful! i found your blog through shabbyblogs. i have to agree, there is nothing quite exactly like bringing your first baby home and the newness of it all. sigh.
ps - i have three redheads!

Maggi a.k.a. Katamommy said...

Congrats on being spotlighted on Shabby Blogs! Your blog is too cute and your photography...wow! Thanks for sharing with us!

R. Wallis said...

Hi! I'm a fan of ShabbyBlog's and loved her interview with you today. Your babies are beautiful! And your photography is amazing, truly awe-inspiring.
As I read through your blogs, I decided that you are quite inspiring to me. We are about the same age, and I just thought it was so refreshing to see that you have such an awesome outlook on life. God + Family + Nature = Awesome!
I love reading mommy blogs because I'm not a mommy yet but I will be someday; therefore I'm taking a lot of notes from you mommies kind enough to blog about your daily lives:)
Keep up the great blogging and phenomenal photography!

Queenie said...

your pictures are a dream popped on over from shabbyblogs and congrats at being featured,great cause now i know were you are in blogland look forward to popping back for a visit.I have to tell you i think your little ones are adoreable ahhh mine are 18 and 15 now and i wonder were the time has gone,enjoy every moment.
hugs for now

mike and elise said...

Thank-you so much for sharing your blog on Shabby Blogs! Your blog and your photography are stunning! I know you're a busy lady, but I was wondering if you could drop me a comment and let me know how you are able to capture on camera the sun filtering down so perfectly! I take photos for my own pleasure only, and that gorgeous, warm sun in your photos is something I want to learn how to do. I would sure appreciate it if you have the time!

homespun1 said...

wow...I just had to send a heart felt comment your way. Your children are just little angels! I love the red hair! Too cute! Thanks for sharing so much of your heart to the world!

HELLO my name is Jill said...

oh yes... I should have left a comment on here after snooping around! I loved reading about you on megan's site. you take the most lovely photos!

Caity said...

Saw you on Shabby Blogs and it's so true, your pictures are so beautiful! I love them!

Lisa said...

First of all, love your backround..I use the same one on my blog!! Secondly, love the pics of the kids..they are truly magical!! Lastly, congrats on your 100th posting..many. many,more!!