gloomy days

it's ok sun. we'll be patient with you.
there really is no point to this blog, im exhausted & brain dead, however in a good mood, but my hip is bothering me everytime i lay down.
so pics help my brain focus on the important blessings in my life.

Oh Aidan, you are a lucky dude, if you werent so abundant in your smoochies and "mmmmmwahhhzz" you would be in big trouble mister, because these new tantrums, "NO's!" and not eating food, just being stubborn and difficult is wearing on me.. but you know how to work it eh?

sneaky butt shot of sneaky maive sneakin' up the stairs!
the sun did shine the other day, not sure which for about 25 minutes, and then went back into hiding!
incentives. these stickers i love. thankfully so do my kids, and they do almost everything I ask, cleanup, make beds, be nice to each other, let mommy take a 20 minute power nap, all for a little sticker. We dont put them on calendars to earn something they want anymore though, instead it goes on their faces or shirt.. okay...
we played store on the front porch the other morning while it poured and worked on some math. all this lovely stuff is from Target! I love target splurges every so often!
UM, yeah now I know why there were big black ants invading scooter's room.. aiva snuck them.. ate them.. hid the evidence under Maive's crib, and even told me Maive did it.. don't worry. she's still alive. and there is NO chocolate in my home! AHH!
also: Aiva could you please stop yelling " BIG SPIDER! " when you see one on the outside our windows, a fake halloween one that has yet to be removed off someone's porch as we pass by in the car, and when you see an ant! THAT'D BE GREAT!

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