PheMOMinal part 2.

Shawn took the kids to church today all by himself! I'm a bad girl and didn't attend church this morning. Instead, I blogged, showered, painted my nails, got some little gifts ready for a friend, vacuumed and did the dishes. Then when I looked at the clock and saw they'd be home in 25 or so ( thankfully my husband is a talker, so he's always running late )I got to write! Write without interruption, having to stop and play referee, get my son on the toilet, calm and kiss a boo boo away, listen to tattling, or have the things I should be doing, or should be done circling around in my brain! All of this in absolute silence! As Aidan would say. "WOWeee ZOWee!"

All of my favorite things are from Target, when you walk in and they have the little section with cheap things. These are all from there, minus the pens/pencils.
I know pinky stuff.. I am a little girl at heart!

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