Father in Heaven, Thank you for blessing me with
Earth's most precious GIFT(s).
The opportunity to raise up your children,
such an honor and responsibility!
Thank you for your healing 25+ years ago,
thank you for giving me the utmost prayers in my heart!
I love you Lord, I love you Shawn. I love you Sophie, I love you wild man,
I love you Scoots! GOD is GOOD!

Hoppy Day MOM! -Aidan " Happy Mother's day mom! "

OH those magenta mum's aren't they GORGEOUS!?
They're from the Aidan's class! I had such a skip in my step after that!
I got to photograph the children as a gift for the Mommies!
I'm so thankful I got asked, they're all so great!
Last night shawn wouldnt let me clean up after dinner,
he wanted us to spend time as a family and get the kids down early for bed.
And the rest is history!
SO this morning he snuck out of bed and came down and spruced
up the one room i spend most of my time in! Awesome, eh!?
I am soo spoiled!

All of Aidan's awesome buddies!


Tiffany said...

Is that your KITCHEN!?!? It's gorgeous. Just found your blog and I'm in love with it!

country girl said...

Your kitchen is really beautiful; the sunlight and the colours, wow.