OH Snap! -Elmo

I had to share this since some of you are pheMOMinal photog friends, or I know others will love this:
errr.. you can't buy it online!!
Our store at the mall still does not have it. I've braved the mall with 2 out of my 3 kids twice this month only to be let down! it's ok, it's just a tshirt! 'o)
Tuesday is my nuts day, i'm looking forward tomorrow to playing outside with my 3 G's, making a big lunch of pancakes and breakfast yums, planting flowers, and blogging about 4 very important people that brought me where i am today. and spinning on the bike or kick punch crunchin' it!
today i did:
-got three kids dressed
-changed 2 diapers
-scavenged for the one pair of jeans that is barely fitting me right now.
-got aidan off to school.
-came home
-doll house time
-chased maive
-talked to deb
-put dishes away
-cleaned fridge
-made shawn and us a huge picnic lunch
-picked up aidan at school.
-saw daddy for lunch.
-came home
-went to deanna's house.
-came home got aiva ready for dance
-dance class.
-met shawn and got some flwrs at Nanticoke Gardens.
-came home.
-kids to bed.
-swept the floors and talked to Kristin.
-cleaned entire bathroom.
-shawn got home at 10:38 from mens bible study.
-ice cream 2gether.
-typing here.


Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

That is the best shirt! Love it! I've decided I need to start listing what I do in a day like this. Most of what I'd write would probably just be exaggerated to make it look like I'm not as lazy as I am, but still... :)

Julie said...

Love your blog! My name is Julie G too! Your photos are great!