I enjoy and accolade like the rest...

You totally can't tell i as spinning really fast. and no alcohol was consumed in the making of this moment... its just how i roll..

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I write a lot in a journal. I have horrible penmanship though. Blogging is convenient because typing your thoughts and words is so much faster! I definitely don’t blog as much as I’d like to, but now maybe receiving this request, maybe this is my clue share more often!
* Also, might I add.. never is my blog a way to brag about my life, or show off my kids or what not. I never think or intend that. I am a very blessed woman and not a day goes by that i remember that I was not supposed to bare children. be a mommy, or destined to make someone a good wife. All the curses that were spoken against me for 18 years came to an end, and the GOOD Lord blessed me with the desires in my heart.
I simply want to humbly share my life, keep myself on the "big picture" and blogging is my break and outlet, when the kids are entertained or napping. *
Megan from Shabbyblogs.com wrote:

It's feature time again at Shabby Blogs and I can think of no one I would rather feature than you! Your dreamy photos, rad music, and writing style are pretty much spectacular, young lady. Visiting your blog makes me happy. So...how about it? If you're interested, please respond to the following questions.

and in regards to my response she wrote again:

Aw. That's so sweet! I am so glad you are excited. I am too! :) And you are absolutely deserving! I have a seriously short attention span and I can't even tell you how many blogs I just take a peek at and click past. I know that sounds terrible and I don't mean to be rude. Hopefully, you know what I mean. The point of my features is to highlight blogs that I visit and want to stay on, want to check in with, want to see more of. I like blogs that make me feel something. More often than not, these aren't the blogs with 5,000 followers and a million comments on each post...and I like that. I like discovering people who are out there, just quietly doing their thing and being awesome. That's you, my dear. :) Don't change a thing.

* People tell me the most:
1.) Don't ever change
2.) I'm so glad someone's procreating and actually making beautiful people who are going to make the world a better place.
3.) Your children are a testament to your love, I can tell you are good parents, when we ask how so? the reply is that children are a mirror of our parenting? i mean makes sense eh?
* those are some delightful & thought provoking comments eh? i shy away from comments and usually block or ignore when people tell me "pwiddy things", but those are the ones that break through and make a girl all warm inside.- my mom believed it was like a sin or something to listen to them or what not, to not let them go to your head, or be flattered because it would like make me sick or something. SO i believed her. I like them though, and I'm choosing to hear them more, let them go to my heart, not my head, and up my self esteem a bit!

My heart skipped a beat, a permagrin plastered my face for an hour or so after receiving those emails from Megan of Shabby blogs.
I dont feel as if I live up to the "little miss sunshine" things that she wrote. and
really nothing eventful has been going on in my life. just the little day to day gifts living out here in the country raising my 3 musketeers. So if she writes about me on her blog, and people come on over and visit here I'm afraid their reaction will be: " what's the big deal about this chick!" moving on..

* there new thing today: on the way home from seeing daddy at lunch time, the three of them decided to repeat " weeeeeeeeee.. weeeeeeeeeeeee.. weeeeeee.." over and over again, in the most precious, princessy soft girly voice, yes Aidan too.. it was cute.

They all have a different laugh but evey now and then they break out in unison in this giggle. At the same time, and it sounds the same, Aiva, Aidan and Maive, in full stereo, three children one laugh! I feel my cheeks tighten, my lips curl into a big mommy goofey grin, and I burst out in laughter with them.
I am grateful for a genuine moment like that, it’s a precious break from the busy days that go by so fast. Checkin’ off the to do lists, drop off’s pick ups, drowning in your own inner thoughts. It’s those moments that catch you buy surprise that I don’t want to forget.

Blogging is a wonderful way to document these, and also share your heart and the things that make it beat with friends family and maybe a another mom, or aspiring photographer who needed a pickme up, or a smile. I love reading other mom blogs, because as a stay @ home mom, in the country ( especially in the long winter months ) it can become quite lonely. Other mom’s blog about this, and it makes you feel not so alone. Sometimes you’ll read words that were exactly the thought that was going through your head while doing the dishes. It gives you a kick! Also you can learn ideas, to help keep the kids entertained, or yourself! A year ago, I discovered photographer's blogs, and just got blessed at how giving some are out there. Posting tutorials, videos, explaining techniques and tips. I learned so much from photog. Blogs I got a DSLR, learned to shoot manually, and I get encouraged, inspired all through someone posting.

Blogs.. but really, what does BLOG stand for? i guess it's better to say BLOG, then Online Journal, electric journal?

and because it's lame to post w/o pics, here are some from last summer that still crack me up:

Maive and Aiva giggling because Aiva was making silly faces and noises

during mid baby giggle, Maive inhaled a gnat.. and "AAACK!"

and resumed giggling...

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Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

You are so silly. A delight in every way. :)

...And those pictures just made me laugh SO hard!