Lake Placid!

Here we come June 14-16!
Shawn plans on flyfishing the whole time, not sure what i will do besides chase after Maive and keep my kiddies busy, i'll have my sense or humore, and it will be great to get a way and unplug! BUT, maybe it would be a good time to invest in a cell phone.
NO JOKE, our little family does not own a cell phone.
Another mail carrier shawn works, Tim Driscoll & his wife, invited us up to their cabin. SO off we go! Lord I pray this circus of a family doesnt make them regret their invite and make them need a vaca from our stay. OH BUT I am so PSYCHED for our first little family vaca!
I'm excited but also wondering what the cabin will be like, where it is.
How will the baby sleep? Will my kids eat well, all these worries.
Deep breath. It will be GREAT!
I know Shawn needs this, flyfishing is so great for his soul, awesome God time, so restoring!
I'm hoping to escape a little bit, and venture out and get some pictures of course,
speaking of pictures, tomorrow! I promise to post some, I've been so crazy busy lately, no time in front of the computer.
I contacted a photographer in the area, http://www.raebarnes.com/
to see if she would be able to do some pics!
SO exciting! I Hope she says yes, and I hope i can come up with the $$$ for it as well!
6 years in August it will be. God blessed me beyond my hearts deepest desires that day. I have around 10 pictures from that day, since then it's been all kid pictures as each has been born, so i'm hoping to get someones of me and him, and our love, i hope it glows, and of course our silly little peanuts! OH.. ok
well my creative juices are flowing, i am going to attempt to go to sleep and not stare at the crack in the wall, meanwhile all these ideas, and dreams and aspirations are flowing circles in my head! Check back tomorrow for some pics!

Aiva's first still life! le petite artiste!

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~City Love... now, forever, always~ said...

Wow she's so creative already!!! Wonderful drawing!!!